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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Cars on DVD

Well, Disney has announced the DVD of Cars, and Pixar fans all over are shocked. Why? Well, every Pixar DVD to date has been a loaded-to-the-nuts super-special edition. Cars is just going to be a single-disc release, with bonus features that seem sparse in comparison. What you get:

Mater and the Ghost Light - As per new Pixar tradition, there's an original animated short. This is the latest.

One Man Band - The Oscar nominated short film that you saw in front of the film in theatres.

- 4 cut scenes

- The Inspiration for Cars featurette

- and a trailer for Pixar's next film, Ratatouille

November 7 is the magic day.

Ah, OK. I did a little more poking around online. According to some VP of Marketing for Disney, Cars is so skimpy on bonus materials because they're only sticking with the popular features as part of a new marketing strategies. Hence, animated shorts and promotional stuff for the next.

Dude, Disney's gotta go back to the marketing strategy they did for DVDs about 6 years ago. Release 2 editions of each DVD: a single disc version, skimpy on bonus features for the Wal-Mart market, and a 2-disc mega-ultimate edition for nerds like me.

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