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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Laptops Suck

Well, after a year of my hard drive making funny scratching sounds, my laptop finally quit on me today. There I was, typing up some prep notes so I could record this week's podcast, and just auddenly restarted.

And kept restarting. And restarting. Stuck in an endless loop of restarting.

This has happened a couple of times before...sometimes, if I leave it for an hour, I will be able to successfully restart it. But I don't think so this time.

As always happens in these situations, I'm left scrambling, trying to remember the last time I made backups. I think it was around six months ago...right before I started doing my podcasts, so of course, all my podcasts are lost, as is my intro, my extro and all the fake commercials I made for my podcast.

Lucky for me, though, my resume and demo tapes are still safely backed up at this section of my website.

I think my back up discs may have been lost, though. Back in Entwistle, I left them carelessly unlabled and on top of the CD spool, so I'm about 90% certain that my parents have thrown them out by now, saying to themselves, "stupid defective blank CD that won't work."

So, I rebuild. I start over from scratch. But first things first. I need a new computer. Something I can't really afford right now, because my rent and my student loan payments consume a whole month's pay.

Although, now seems to be a good time to buy a new computer. Everything's on sale for back to school. And my company does have this really nice employee computer purchase plan that I've been considering taking advantage of....

The moral of this story is the same as it always is: Back up your hard drive frequently. Once a month, at least. My new machine will have a DVD burner, so that way, all I have to do is drag and drop onto a blank DVD. With a blank DVD holding about 5G, that's more than enough to back up one hard drive.

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