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Monday, August 22, 2005

Hee hee!

I'm starting to love this Alberta Gas Prices.com a little too much. I can hardly wait until the novelty wears off.

Here's the deal: I started wishing that I could head over to nearby Evansburg and report on their only gas station, Race Trac. But, to hop in my car and drive 3-km away just to look at a gas sign...seems like a huge waste of gas.

Lucky for me, my sister had business in Evansburg this morning. She came home, and I asked, "Don't suppose you saw how much Race Trac is charging?"

"104.9!" she told me.

So, the Entwistle Esso is now #4. The Evansburg Race Trac is #5.

And my mother has now suggested that I should simply call the Race Trac to find out how much they charge, "But block caller display first!"

There are some ideas that just won't die.

I was reading on the front page of The Edmonton Journal that the government has once again looked at the possibility of a $5 coin. They even floated the proposal that the money saved from making the switch could be used to fund the Olympic team.

Here's what was learned. When the people were told of the idea of $5 coin, they weren't too keen on it.

When it was suggested that the money saved be used for the Olympic team, the idea was greated with "open hostility."

I don't think we're getting a $5 coin anytime soon.

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