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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

So, I keep reflecting on Smallville. As I've ranted before, I'd sure like for it to end with some kind of "flash to the future" where we see Clark Kent all grown up as Superman. But, the thing is, how do we work it into the plot? Actually, I had this idea today for a "twist ending."

The final episode ends...or so it seems. The camera pulls back and back and back, until eventually, the camera pulls out of...Superman's eye. It's the not-too-distant future. We see a bruised and battered Superman. Lex Luthor - now fully evil - is about to deliver the death blow to Superman. And this is when we, the audience, finally come to this conclusion: the whole series has been Superman's life flashing before his eyes! Of course, in true comic book fashion, Superman manages to get his strength back at the last moment and defeat Luthor once and for all.

Well, I thought it was cool

Had some fun today mocking my cousin's second wedding. Well, it's not what you may think. Let me tell the tale, and then tell me if it's worth mocking.

My cousin lives down in Calgary. There, she met and fell and love with some guy from the Czech Republic. He proposed to her...and then he went home to the Czech Republic. Ya see, he's not a citizen. He had to go home. So, back at Christmastime, my cousin went to the Czech Republic to visit her finacee, and they eloped! They went on down to a Czech City Hall and got married. I'm fairly certain that they did it because they were victim of too many American TV shows: "Once you marry a citizen, you become a citizen, and you can come home with me!" But, little did they know that how they do it on American sitcoms isn't how Canada does it.

My cousin came home around New Years. She went back to the Czech Republic in May and they had their honeymoon. Anyway, now, her husband has finally become an immigrant, and he's moved to Canada.

So, on October 22, they're having a "blessing of the vows." It is, basically, a second wedding. There's a church service, a reception afterwards, and we're all expected to bring gifts.

Of course, I'm mocking it. My parents are too. It essentially boils down to, "WTF? But they're already married! Not our fault that they eloped and didn't get any presents!"

Tell me if I'm justified in my mocking.

The mocking briefly turned into getting pissed off two weeks ago. See, two weeks from now, my Grandfather is going to be celebrating his 90th birthday. For the past few months, my Dad and one of my aunts have been planning a giant birthday party for Grandpa. Well, two weeks ago, some of the other old aunties got in their head that they could hijack Grandpa's birthday party and, about halfway through the party, turn it into a bridal shower for my cousin.

Dad and my aunt shut that proposal down pretty quick.

That reminds me, I should start working on my material. I'm going to be the emcee at Grandpa's party, because I'm the "big radio star" of the family.

(Quotes of sarcasm added by me.)

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