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Thursday, August 04, 2005

So, you all know I've been having some really weird computer problems lately. It randomly shuts itself off again, and now the hard drive makes noises like fingernails on a chalkboard. Yesterday, as I was bopping around in the city, I stopped in at CompuSmart to price out repairs.

First, there's the $47 diagnostic fee to find out what's wrong. They also tell me that, with a hard drive making funny noises, it's a fair bet that the hard drive is broken and/or on its last legs. That means replacing it. That'll run $100-$200, depending on what I choose to replace it with. And the "shutting itself off" could be anything, so they need to run that diagnostic.

It'll sit in the shop for about 2 days until the diagnostician can look at...a week to order in a new hard drive....I'd essentially be without a computer for two weeks.

I'm reminded of a recent newspaper article...in essence, it said that, in society's view, computer technology has become disposable enough that it's easier & cheaper to just buy a new computer rather than get the old one fixed.

A little more to follow up on yesterday's hockey rant.

With this hockey lock-out, the Tampa Bay Lightening are already worried that they won't be able to win back the fans. They're starting to make overtures about moving the team. Know where?


Yes, the new collective bargaining agreement means Winnipeg can afford a hockey team again!

Does this mean the return of the Jets? Stay tuned....

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