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Saturday, September 17, 2005

OK, so in the new crop of fall TV shows, there's not a lot that looks good. But I saw an ad for one last night that actually looked funny, so I'll probably check it out. True, it's just the 1,000,000th variation on the "stranger doing random acts of kindness" concept, but the critics are actually being quite favourable, and it stars an actor we all like.

My Name is Earl stars Kevin-Smith-film-regular Jason Lee. Lee plays Earl, your standard, run-of-the-mill trailer park scumbag. One day, Earl can't believe his luck! He wins the jackpot on a scratch-n-win lottery ticket! As he runs out to cash in his ticket, he's hit by a car, and the last thing he sees before he slips unconscious is his winning ticket blowing away in the wind.

When he wakes up in his hospital bed, Earl comes to the only logical conclusion. All this happened because of his bad karma. He's screwed over so many people, that the universe finally came around to bite him in the ass. So, Earl sits down and compiles a list of all the misdeeds he's done. And now, with this list as his guide, he sets out on a quest to right what he did wrong and hopefully right his karma.

Kevin Smith reviewed the pilot at his website and said it's pretty good. And, as the Hulk just said in Twisted ToyFare Theatre, "If you can't trust the director of Jersey Girl, who can you trust?"

Hey! Michael Moore got a blab in the paper today! Turns out his against the CBC.

The whole story is like this. Tomorrow night, the CBC is going to be showing Bowling for Columbine. Also, as you may know, the CBC just locked out a bunch of their workers. Moore is siding with the workers, and is demanding that the CBC not show his film unless the CBC ends the lockout and returns to the bargaining table. "Why the noble and honorable CBC is acting like an American corporation is beyond me," said Moore.

The CBC is ignoring Moore's demand, however, citing that they've been advertising this for months and they're not going to change it now.

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