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Friday, September 30, 2005

Shh! Don't tell my sister I'm online. She has more computer problems she wants me to fix....

Anyway, I want to do some big Kevin Smith updates, because y'all know I'm a huge fan of his.

As we all know, a popular movie promotional tool these days is the "video journal," where the director shows you "behind-the-scenes" glimpses of his latest movie. Some great examples:

- George Lucas did it for Episode II and Episode III, and you watched them at the official Star Wars website.

- Peter Jackson did it for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and he's been doing it for King Kong at a website called Kong is King. In fact, the King Kong video journal is getting its own super-special edition DVD, due out this December.

- Being a big fan of Superman, I've been watching the video journal that Bryan Singer is doing from the set of Superman Returns, which you can go watch at Blue Tights.net

Well, Kevin Smith has gotten in on the action. Starting back on Wednesday, Kevin Smith began doing a video journal for Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks. The first one is up, and you can go watch it at Clerks 2.com.

Also, more good news about Clerks 2. Smith has been teasing us that he got a rather big name to be the female lead, and we now know who it is. Joining the View Askew cast of characters is...

Rosario Dawson.

We last saw her as Gail, the leader of the prostitues in Sin City. She'll next be seen in the movie version of the musical Rent. She is just a great actress and this is great news.

Yeah, Clerks 2 is finally happening. Smith originally wanted to start filming it back in January, but at that time, Miramax founders Harvey and Bob Weinstein started agressive re-negotiations with Disney, and Smith wanted to wait for all the business bullplop to settle down. Which is good, because it finally gave him some time to do some other things like:

- Guest star on Degrassi: The Next Generation. His 3-episode arc comes out on DVD next month.

- Star in Catch and Release, some chick flick starring Jennifer Garner. In the film, Smith plays Garner's non-threatening male friend. Catch and Release was written and directed by Susanah Grant, and will be out in the spring.

- Finally finish writing Daredevil: the Target and Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do, two comic book mini-series that Smith started writing about 3 years ago, but never got around to finishing. (He got wrapped up making Jersey Girl.) Marvel should finally be publishing the conclusions ASAP.

And that's the latest in the world of Kevin Smith!!

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