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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

There's an article today at Yahoo news that's really gotten me thinking.

This article says that, in the entire DVD industry, only 35% of the profits come from theatrical films. The article then goes on to imply that the reamining 65% of profits come from straight-to-DVD crap.

This has just amazed me. I had no idea that straight-to-DVD crap was so popular.

The article then goes on to tell us that, because of this, many movie studios are starting to really ramp up their straigh-to-DVD sections, especially in pumping out straight-to-DVD sequels to already popular movies. Some examples:

- Carlito's Way: Rise to Power, a sequel to 1993's Carlito's Way, came out yesterday.
- American Pie 4 comes out straight-to-DVD in December
- Sony Studios is making straight-to-DVD sequels to the classic thrillers Single White Female and 8 MM.

But then, the article elaborates that it's not all crappy sequels...Lion's Gate and Mainframe Entertainment are doing quite well with their straight-to-DVD Barbie movies...Disney is doing well with their Baby Einstein educational videos for infants...Paramount Pictures is making big bucks with straight-to-DVD stand-up comedy concert films.

But what I really want is a complete breakdown. OK, so 35% of their revenues comes from theatrical films. The other 65% can't all be straight-to-DVD crap. I'm sure TV shows on DVD are in there, as are various anime titles, and let's be honest, porn, too, is big on DVD.

So, I really want to see the complete statistics now as to how much money is made off of what kind of content on DVD.

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