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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bloo>> Well, let's just spice this up, like how I spiced up Taco Nite last week!
(quick cut of a group of imaginary friends, flames coming out of their mouths, and screaming in pain)
Mr. Harriman>> That was you?
Bloo>> Yeah. Heh heh.
Mr. Harriman>> But...but...we thought it was Johnny Buttons!
Bloo>> I set it up so you'd think that. I framed him.
Mr. Harriman>> We had him deported....
Bloo>> I know! He still sends me postcards!
(Bloo hands Mr. Harriman a postcard. Mr. Harriman reads it. The message is made up of letters cut out from a magazine and reads "I will get you.")

Ya know, I wasn't too keen on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends when I first watched it, but it's really started to grow on me.

Here's some cool news.

Sony announced on Friday that they've just burned their first ever Blu-Ray DVD! (Blu-Ray, as you know, is Sony's next generation of DVD; the rival format is Toshiba's HD-DVD). Now, for this new format, this new disc that can hold 25G of information and provide a much higher quality picture and better sound, what film did they choose?

Sony just bought out MGM...perhaps it was some classic like Lawrence of Arabia or Gone with the Wind. No.

Perhaps it was one of Sony's recent blockbusters, like Spider-Man. No.

So, what movie has the honour of being the first film released into the next generation of DVD?

Charlie's Angels: Full Throtle.

Wow. Just wow. To quote a favourite line from Family Guy, "You've screwed that up so spectacularly that we're just going to move on."

But, on the bright side, all those non-Sony companies that are building Blu-Ray players now have something to test their machines.

The format war begins in the spring.

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