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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I love watching the news. Premier Ralph Klein is my favourite sitcom character.

For those who don't care, Klein has spent the past few days on a speaking tour of the Eastern provinces and the Maritimes, with stops in Ottawa, Quebec City, and Halifax. The speeches he's giving have to do with how Alberta's incredibly large suprlus benefits all Canadians. The Alberta press has jokingly dubbed it the "Don't hate us because we're rich" tour.

But, that hasn't been the main focus of the tour. No. Before he left, Klein was asked what he'd do if reporters along the way asked him about Alberta's "Third Way." (ie the plan to privative healthcare.) Klein infamously responded, "I cannot tell a lie. If they ask me about it, I will give honest answers."

So, guess what Klein's been asked about non-stop on his trip? And, he answers every question the same way. "I don't know. We haven't worked that out yet."

And now, what happened today. It's looking more and more like we're going to have a Christmas election. When asked about the federal election, Klein said that, beyond the shadow of a doubt, this next election will bring about...another Liberal minority.

The federal Conservatives are already gritting their teeth. Klein has promised to help the federal Conservatives in their campaign, but when Klien goes spouting off about how Conservatives are more friendly towards private health care, or like today with his "the Liberals will win another minority" claim, the Conservatives really wish Klein would stop "helping" them.

Today, Deputy Conservative Leader Peter Mackay was asked how the federal Conservatives would get Klein to stop "helping."

Mackay's answer? "Duct tape."

By the way, the opposition parties are going to table their motion of non-confidence tomorrow. The house votes on it on Monday. Which all means, odds are, the election campaign begins on Tuesday.

I'm going to get a lawn sign for every candidate again. This time, I'm going to hang my Christmas lights on them.

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