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Monday, November 07, 2005

Wow. I'm doing some reading on techno-stuff, and I can't believe this.

the Japanese television network NHK is currently testing what they call "Super Hi-Vision." The goal is to create a TV picture so clear and so detailed that it's comperable to looking out the window. How high is the resolution? Here's the scale:

Regular TV: 704x480
Average computer monitor: 1024x768
HDTV: 1920x1080

Super Hi-Vision: 7680x4320

Now THAT'S hi-definition.

Oh, and here's the latest Disney animated classic that's getting the 2-disc special edition treatment. Coming out on February 28 is...

Lady and the Tramp: Special Edition

Besides the expected beautifully digitally restored picture and an all new surround sound mix, you also get:

- two long-lost cut scenes
- a documentary called "Finding Lady: The Art of the Storyboard."
- another documentary called "Lady's Pedigree: The Making of Lady and the Tramp."
- a newly discovered alternative storyboard concept (I have no idea what this is)
- and, as always promised, more!

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