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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Well, I just wasted an hour.

I finally found a website that had all of Gotham Girls archived.

For those who don't remember, you have to cast your mind back to 2000. "Internet content" was the big buzz word, and everyone and their brother was making Flash cartoons for their websites. Gotham Girls was a contribution from Warner Brothers Animation.

Made by a lot of the same creative staff from Batman: The Animated Series, Gotham Girls focused on the female characters from Gotham City. You'd have Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn engaging in Odd Couple hijinks, Catwoman doing her thing, and then Batgirl swooping in and kicking everyone's ass. The sorceress Zatanna even popped up for a few episodes. Each episode was about 3 minutes long, and they even got the same voice actors from Batman: The Animated Series.

It ran for 3 seasons (2000, 2001, 2002), with 10 episodes in each season. For season 3, they went all out and it was essentially a 10-part episode. It even spawned a 5-issue mini-series from DC comics.

I discovered it late in season 2, and even then, I was reluctant to watch it because of slow downloading on dial-up.

So I just wasted the past hour watching all of season 1 and what I missed in season 2. It's crudly animated...I mean, 5 year old Flash animation, it's expected. But it's still quite entertaining.

And what's this wonderful archive? Why, it's the Wikipedia entry for Gotham Girls!

Or, you can go to the official Gotham Girls website, but they only have season 3 archived for you.

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