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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bored on Vacation

I'm bored.

'tis a terrible thing to be when on vacation.

I'm at home at my parents' house in Entwistle right now. Ma and Pa have the tv tuned to their judge shows and they're down for the afternoon. I'm not a fan of the judge shows. I've played almost all the games I like to play online...I'm so bored, I just might have to start reading the book my sister loaned me.

I've got to be careful. Borrowing books from my sister might be the only books I'm borrowing for a while. I've been alluding to this in my Facebook page for most of this week. As I was leaving Athabasca...literally, my final minutes before leaving, I went "Hey, where's my library card?" and I suddenly went nuts, tearing apart my house looking for my library card. Never did find it, and it's been bugging me this whole week. I guess I've got a touch of the OCD.

So, I'm just here, goofing around on the computer, looking at Wikipedia...in fact, I read a pretty interesting article in today's Edmonton Journal about the state of Wikipedia. Seems that some thing Wikipedia has gotten too big, and a group of Wikipedia's volunteer administrators, citing quality over quantity, have gotten a little too militant in deleting entries they deem irrelivant. Even Wikipedia's founder was at the centre of this debate, as his one-line entry about his favourite meat shop got deleted as soon as it was put up.

I got caught up in the debate. A few months ago, I created an entry for Tusker, this Dreamworks computer animated film that got cancelled. I created it mainly because I wondered whatever happened to it and spent an afternoon looking for information...and then stuck all this information on Wikipedia. But yet, there it was, just a few hours later, flagged for speedy deletion. Why? "Lots of films get canceled, and they don't have entries." I was given one week to beef up the article, and if I didn't it would be deleted. As it's now almost three months later and the article's still there, I'm guessing it's safe for now.

I also keep threatening to improve the Wikipedia entry for Athabasca. I mean, the history section in that article actually has very little to do with the history of the town. I've even gone down to Athabasca's library and gotten the town's self-published history book. (Just about every town in Alberta has a self-published history book.) I can make that Wikipedia entry just so much better. I mean, just look at the entry I wrote for my home town.

But first, I need to get that book out of the library again. But before that, I need to find my library card.

Amazing how this all comes full circle, eh?

Anyway, I brought along Clippy, so I think I'll hit Entwistle and record this week's podcast live on location.

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