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Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Very Good Day

Something very cool happened at work today. I'm still kind of tingly about it.

Today, my co-worker and I were mystified when our little old radio station in Athabasca got a letter from Sweden. We opened the letter and inside was a message from the Swedish fellow.

He said he listens to our radio station.

This guy in Stockholm listens to this little old radio station in Athabasca.

The letter said that his hobby was something called DXing, which is when you get a high-powered antenna and try to pick up distant radio signals. And this guy, he picked up 850 the Fox.

Well, actually, he picked it up on January 3, 1999. Something about the postcard from Stockholm triggered something in my mind. I went and looked at our big bulletin board of thank you notes from all the community groups we helped. And yup, on it were a half-a-dozen postcards from Stockholm. All from this guy. He's been writing the station for almost 9 years, trying to confirm that he had picked up the Athabasca radio station.

I figured this guy deserved an answer.

I fired off an e-mail to my bosses in Edson. After all, we don't keep records from 1999. My bosses told me that things like this are actually quite common, and that they just answered a similar letter from Italy in regards to the Edson station. But yup, my bosses asked around and found the folks who were working here almost 9 years ago, and the things that this Swedish guy listen in his letter were consistent with what we were playing 9 years ago.

So I"m going to respond this guy. He's been trying to get an answer out of us for almost 9 years...he deserves one.

I've just been giddy about this all day. Someone in Sweden heard our station. This is it. This what radio's all about. Reaching someone so far away.... This is just very cool.

Ah, Snake-Eyes. Truly the most popular and best known member of G.I. Joe. Just about everyone knows his story.... An unnamed soldier, horribly disfigured and rendered mute when he did a dangerous rescue of one of his teammates. in Vietnam. He returned home to the States to find his parents and beloved twin sister had been killed by a drunk driver. Without a home, he joined his friend Storm Shadow in Japan in Storm Shadow's family business...a ninja clan. But Snake-Eyes excelled in his studies, and soon was competing with Storm Shadow for the Hard Master's favour. But then, when it appeared that Storm Shadow killed the Hard Master, Snake-Eyes returned to the States and lived in seclusion in a cabin in the woods. But, he was sought out by General Hawk to join America's daring, highly-trained special missions force.

And then things got complicated....

So, with a live-action movie version of G.I. Joe, who's going to be playing the Joes' silent badass? Who will be the best there is at what G.I Joe does?

How about...Darth Maul?

That's right...the fanboys' wet dream has come true! Ray Park is playing Snake-Eyes.

And speaking of movies, we've got a few more cast members for the upcoming long-awaited X-Files 2.

Amanda Peet, Xzibit, and Billy Connolly have just joined the cast! Peet and Xzibit play fellow FBI agents...Connolly's role hasn't been disclosed yet.

Filming starts on Monday, and it comes out in July.

But once again, I implore you please...bring back Robert Patrick as Agent Doggett.

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