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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The new Knight Rider

I've been wanting to blog about this for a while now, and since I'm just relaxing at my sister's place, counting donw the last two sleeps until Christmas morning, now seems like a perfect time and place to do it.

For those who haven't heard, they're bringing back Knight Rider!

Yup, the success of the live-action Transformers has led Hollywood to believe that there's still interest in talking super-vehicles. So, they've decided to try a new, updated Knight Rider.

But this show is shaping up to be Knight Rider: The Next Generation. It is a flat-out sequel to the original, and is filled with many references and homages to the original series.

The new driver is a man named Mike Tracer, a former Army Ranger who's had a failed career as a race car drive. But then, he's contacted to drive a new talking super-vehicle called the "Knight Industries THREE Thousand," or "KITT." And then he's off to save the world from all kinds of bad guys.

Should I give the big spoiler? Sure. It's revealed at the end of the pilot that Mike Tracer is actually the long-lost son of Michael Knight. Hence the whole "next Generation" aspect.

But who cares about that? We all want to know about the new KITT. KITT is now a customized Ford Mustand Shelby GT 500. KITT's new voice is being done by Will Arnet, still best remembered as GOB [Jobe], the failed magician, smarmy Bluth brother on Arrested Development.

What's interesting is that this is being done as what they call a "backdoor pilot." First, they're making a 2-hour TV movie. If the ratings on the TV movie are good enough, it'll be given the go-ahead to become a series. They just finished filming the TV movie, and it'll air in February.

So, if you want a new Knight Rider on the air, check out that TV movie in February!

As you probably know, this isn't the first time they've tried to bring back Knight Rider. Here's a rundown of previous attempts:

Knight Rider 2000 - This reunion movie from 1991 was actually also the backdoor pilot for a new TV show. In the distant future of the year 2000, the Foundation for Law and Government (the folks who gave us KITT and Michael Knight), are back with their new supercar, the Knight Industries Four Thousand. Michael Knight is called out of retirement to pilot the Knight 4000, but Michael Knight refuses, saying that KITT is the only supercar for him. But, when a dangerous seriel killer gets out of prison, Michael Knight breaks KITT's computer units out of storage, and installs KITT in his ol' 57 Chevy to track him down. But, after sustaining heavy damage, Michael Knight finally has the bright idea to install KITT in the Knight Industries Four Thousand body. This is on DVD actually...it was inclused as a bonus episode in the Knight Rider: The Complete First Season boxed set.

Knight Rider 2010 - In a post-apocolypic, Mad Max future, a lone road warrior fights for law and order on America's highways, with the spirit of his dead partner installed in his car's AI. This was on in 1994, as part of Universal Studio's "Action Pack" of TV movies...the same series of TV movies that spawned Hercules: The Legendary Journies and TekWar. I never saw it, but my brother did, and told me it was "very weird."

(it's so bad, I can't even find a clip on YouTube)

TKR: Team Knight Rider - A syndicated TV show that lasted for one season in 97/98. The Foundation for Law and Government is back with a team of FIVE talking supervehicles, and they travel the world in a talking C5-Galaxy, fighting all manner of superthreats. Again, the only person I know of who's actually watched this is my brother, who described it as "Bad. Very bad."

And don't forget, there's still a movie version of Knight Rider in the works as well. As I've been told, they can have the new TV show and still work on a movie version because Universal Studios, the makers of the original TV show, still own the TV rights, while the creator of Knight Rider, Glen Larson, personally owns the movie rights. Larson's movie is currently in development at the Weinstein Company.

But now, would someone PLEASE bring back Airwolf?

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Kevyn Hagemann said...

I've been reading through blogs about the history of Knight Rider, and the reason why its fans would like to drive KITT. After seeing that trailer of Knight Rider 2000, now I know why. It's very interactive, plus it's like a friend who makes fun of you but will always help you. Man, if only KITT's system was real, I'd have it installed in a Dodge Viper.