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Friday, December 28, 2007

God, It's Good

Back from another lovely outing in the city. All my outings in the city are lovely.... got me some new Star Trek action figures for the collection, and I even bought a couple of calendars. It's weird. Last year, I was hoarding calendars...every town in Athabasca that was offering a free one, I would snatch it up. But there were a lot less free calendars this year. And now, with the new year just a scant 4 days away, I am calendar-less. Well, they're all half-price now anyway, so i bought two.

Anyway, I just knew that Christmas vacation wasn't going to get away until I went to see a movie. I saw Sweeny Todd, because nothing says "Christmas" like a musical about killing people and serving them up as meat pies! That, and, it's the latest from Tim Burton, and I do love his films.

Sweeny Todd is an amazing film. I loved it. It's definitly the most gory musical I've ever seen. and Johnny Depp spends a lot of time looking pained and tortured. It does have it's frightening moments, and I did cover my eyes a few times. But yup, it's defintly the best filmed version of Sweeny Todd since Jersey Girl.

There'll be a proper review on the official site in the next couple of days.

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