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Monday, March 24, 2008

Latest Targ's Up!

Sorry it's a day late, folks. I went home for the Easter weekend and all that. And seeing as to how I missed last week, I knew I couldn't go two weeks in a row with no episode.

However, I made good on my promise from the last time I put up an episode a day late! This one is called Episode 89: ...And a Dollar Short. I herald the return of the McRib, introduce you to the voice cast of the next Batman animated movie, and plot my running for office.

Interesting trivia note: as I mentioned, I nixed last week's episode because I recorded it when I was in "a bad place," and it reflected. One of the breaks in this week's show was originally from the cancelled episode, but I re-recorded it in a more cheerful manner. Try to guess which one!

Give it a listen!

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