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Monday, March 24, 2008

Pointless News

You've probably heard this by now, and I think that the public is really over-reacting.

Allow me to re-iterate. KFC is about to start selling grilled chicken. As many have pointed out, grilled chicken is healthier than fried chicken, and KFC has actually been kind of slow to get on the healthy food bandwagon.

At first, I didn't know why such a big deal was being made out of this. I mean, I remember KFC attempting to offer healthy alternatives in the past. It was around 10 years ago that KFC introduced their Tender Roast chicken...roasted instead of fried. I remember it was out in 1997 because I tried some while watching the infamous fastest man alive race.

But then I read the fine print. KFC is going so far as to re-name some of their stores "Kentucky Grilled Chicken." They're doing a complete re-branding of their stores. Now THAT is a significant change.

Right now, they're only trying it in 6 American cities, and it'll be rolled all across the USA in 2009. No word yet on when/if it comes to Canada.

And despite what they tell us on the news, I don't think Colonel Sanders is rolling in his grave.

I hate DVD double dips, and here's one that I'm pointing out for the James Bond fans in the house.

The most recent James Bond film, Casino Roayle, is getting yet another DVD edition. The 3-disc collectors edition comes out on June 7. You get everything that was on the 2-disc special edition. New stuff includes 8 new featurettes, a bunch of cut scenes, a director's running commentary, and the TV special Bond Girls are Forever.

I, personally, think I'll be skipping this one.

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