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Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Hero's Next Project

I guess I should specify which hero, as I've got so many. Weird Al...Kevin Smith. In this entry, it's Brad Bird.

Bird, of course, made my all-time favourite movie, The Iron Giant, and he brought us the best reviewed film of 2007, Ratatouille.

Well, after months of hinting, it was finally made official this morning. For Bird's next film, he's breaking into live-action.

1906 will be a historical epic about the 1906 San Fransisco Earthquake. It'll focus on a young college student who's investigating his father's murder, and in the course of his investigation, he discovers the flaws that lead to the massive outbreaks of fires that happened after the earthquake.

John Logan, who wrote the historical epics Gladiator, the Aviator and The Last Samurai, and the sadly mediocre Star Trek Nemesis, wrote the script. Bird himself is doing a re-write.

No word yet on when it comes out.

Ooo! Check it out! There's a new trailer for Speed Racer!

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