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Thursday, January 01, 2009

It Begins Again

So, here we are, the start of 2009. As I do on every New Years Day, I'm sitting here, sipping the last of the eggnog from my Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring collector's glass from Burger King (best fast food promotion EVER) and reflecting on the year that was.

2008 was monumental in one big way. I finally achieved a goal I set out to accomplish in 2003. 5 years of schooling, hard work, and waiting for the right opportunity finally all came together.

In 2008, I finally achieved my dream of becoming a radio announcer.

It was a difficult road...one that proved to be a lot tougher than when I first enrolled in NAIT back in 2003. Especially when most of my classmates were hired fresh out of school and it took me a year of begging and pleading to even get my foot in the door. But I eventually got my way in, worked my way up, and back in April, the company gave me a shot at the big chair.

From that point on, I kind of resolved to take things easy for the rest of 2008. The best analogy I could come up with was the end of Finding Nemo. I was just a fish in the ocean, bobbing up and down, trying to figure out where to go next.

And that is the trick, isn't it? Where do I go from here? So many things I can do, so many things I could do. What will get done?

I've always kind of frowned upon setting goals and working towards them. The problem I always had with goal-setting was that I always, always, always find some way to choke at the finish line. So rather than set goals, I find it's better to have a vaguely defined objective and see what kind of damage you can do while stumbling forward. I learned a long time ago that no expectations means no disappointment.

But still, I have this desire to do something...accomplish something. Will 2009 finally be the year I write that novel? Will I finally buy a bike and take up cycling again? Who knows? It's a new year, filled with all kinds of new possibilities.

And a new Quentin Tarintino movie, Inglorious Bastards, coming out on August 21. Sorry, just had to mention that.

Anyway, while I contemplate what the future may bring, it's time to sit back, and do the completely made-up New Years tradition I started a few years ago. I'm going to watch Titanic.

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