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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Newest YouTube Epic: A Zamboni Clearing the Ice

One of my favourite cartoons from my carefree college years was Freakazoid!. One episode in particular that stands out was called Relax-o-Vision. The joke was this: kids were getting too hyper from watching violent action scenes, so Freakazoid! became the first cartoon presented in Relax-o-Vision. Everytime a violent act broke out, we'd cut to a relaxing of scene, of, say, fish in an aquarium, while soothing music played.

That episode kind of served as the inspiration for my latest YouTube opus, A Zamboni Clearing the Ice. What can I say? It's a relaxing scene, set to soothing music.

And yes, the pop-ups at the end are true. I actually do have a 4 minute director's cut of this. It's actually more like a rough cut, as I threw in a longer song and put in every frame of footage I filmed, until I started editing it down to reflect my true intent.

If there's rampant interest in the director's cut, I'll post it. Eh, I'll probably post it anyway, cuz I like the music I use in the director's cut.

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