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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Smells Like Star Trek / The He-Man Movie is Coming!

So I'm doing some perusing at the glut of Star Trek merch that's about to hit store shelves in anticipation of the new movie.

They're actually going to be making Star Trek cologne.

There's going to be three scents in the line: "Tiberius," "Pon Farr," and "Red Shirt."

For those who aren't trekkies, let me explain the significance of those three names.

Tiberius - That's the T in James T. Kirk. Make yourself smell like the galaxy's foremost ladie's man. Cool...cool.

Pon Farr - That's the mating frenzy that Vulcan males go into every 7 years. Yeah, baby. A scent that'll drive the women into a mating frenzy! There's our #1 seller.

Red Shirt - The Starfleet security guards were always the first to die on away teams, and were known for their red shirts. To be a red shirt is die quickly. Yeah...a cologne that's the stench of death. That's the way to go.

They should be on the store shelves later this spring.

Wow...just a few months ago, the new, live-action Masters of the Universe was considered dead.

But today, they hired a director!

The director is John Stevenson, an animator who's last project was the hit Dreamworks film Kung Fu Panda.

Stevenson said what sold him on the job was when he paid a visit to Mattel and they took him to this room where the toy designers had already pumped out pages and pages of concept art for the film. Stevenson says he took one look at the artwork and "understood the mythology right away."

What really gives me hope for this film is the fact that the producer is Joel Silver. Silver is the Hollywood uber-producer who brought us the Die Hard franchise, the Lethal Weapon franchise, and various other action films. Oh, and he also made the Wachowski Brothers stars by helping them realize The Matrix Trilogy and Speed Racer.

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