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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My New Movie...Coming Soon

I enjoy walking. It's one of the few physical activities I make an effort to get out and do. Well, all physical activities require effort.... You know what I'm getting at.

Given my job, when I'm out on the streets of Athabasca, I'm occasionally stopped and mocked for listening to my MP3 player while I'm walking. "Don't you listen to the radio enough when you're at work?" they ask me.

And then I started goofing around with my YouTube videos and things started coming together.

So, for a while now, I've had this idea for a YouTube video called Walking. It would just feature footage filmed by me, walking down some of my favourite walking trails in and around Athabasca, with a soundtrack consisting of the music I'm usually listening to when I walk down that path.

While I was home for Christmas vacation, sitting around the house, I was hit with an inspiration.

As the snow started falling, I grabbed my camera, and filmed a short bit of me walking down the back alley. Then, I threw it together into this proof of concept/test footage/trailer thing.

So, here is...Walking: Test Footage.

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