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Thursday, October 30, 2003

I'm very sad. I've lost Sailor Jupiter. I've had this Sailor Jupiter keychain for the past two years. Ever since I got back from Japan, it's been dangling from my utility belt. Some where between my car and my first class, she jumped off and went to fight the forces of the Negaverse. I know it's what she has to do, but I'm still sad....

And I was shocked in my broadcast writing course this morning. The assignment was to write (in TV script format) a rant about something that bugs us. I was having trouble coming up with a topic, so I decided to do the very silly, "I hate that I don't hate." It began with the words, "Do you know what bugs me? Nothing at all. And I can't stand it!" It built to this huge climax of, "I'M GOING TO FAIL BECAUSE I LOVE ALL OF YOU!" At that point, one of classmates burst into tears. She was moved to tears by how much I hate to hate. Wow.

Next Issue...The Search for Sailor Jupiter

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