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Thursday, October 23, 2003

WOO! Now that I have my super special edition of Star Trek V, Paramount has finally officially announced the 2-disc super special edition of my favourite Star Trek film, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country! This set contains a running commentary by director Nicholas Myer, the now-standard text commentary by Dennis Okuda, and a dozen featurettes, including the requiste "making ofs" and how the film was designed to mirror the then-topical end of the Cold War. The official announcement says it comes out Friday, February 27, but since DVDs always come out on Tuesday, most are assuming that this is a typo, and they reall mean Tuesday, January 27.

And now, a scandal that's rocking Canada to its core. It has finally been discovered that, for the past 6 months, now, Tim Horton's no longer makes their donuts fresh in the store! They are now made at a warehouse in Ontario, frozen, then shipped out to Tim Horton's locations across Canada. The store then simply defrosts them. This revelation was made by the co-founder of the company, who is selling off his remaining shares and getting out of the donut business. Don't forget, Tim Horton's is now owned by Wendy's.

And, last night, as I was coming home from school, my Dad wanted to take the long way, by the Wabamun Power Plant. You see, the Wabamun Power Plant is scheduled to be decomissioned. Demolition begins in 2005, and it'll be completely gone by 2010. My Dad's environmental firm won the contract, so now my Dad has to write the environmental impact assesments for the demolition, plus lay out plans for the reclaimation of the site. We went driving by it because he needed to visualize things. But my point is, have you ever been up close to a coal-burning power plant? My God, they're ugly. Huge, concrete monstrosities covered with 50 years worth of soot.

And if you have any good plans for reclaiming ash lagoons, my Dad would like to know!

Next Issue...Tim Horton vs. Mr. Donut

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