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Friday, October 24, 2003

So, I got an invitation to my cousin's wedding. Contemplating whether I should go or not. Did I mention that this cousin has always been a snob? Ever since, well, ever, we've existed in two different worlds; him in Lacombe and me in "not Lacombe." That's just the way things work on my Dad's side of the family: you either live in Lacombe, or you don't. I think I'll be RSVP-ing in the negative.

Right now, my mind is still tacking a math problem. I do love a good math problem. My Dad approached me last night. His company has asked him to derive an equation for calculating the securities value for the reclamation of land. There are methods that exist, but his company wanted a simple basic mathematical forumla for it. So, he knows all the values that go into determining the securities value and how they all relate to each other, so he sat down and threw them together into an equation, tried it out on a few examples, and noticed that it consistently produced a securities value that was 1/10 of what it actually should be. His solution was to just multiply the equation by a constant with the value of 10. My Dad's math problem was, when his company asks him how he derived the value of the constant as being 10, what does he say? I took a look at his equation, took out "10" and renamed it "c," and then rearranged it to solve for c. I then told him that he should go into his company's records, pull out maybe 5 securities values that were assessed over the past few years, and plug in the numbers and solve for c. If he consistently gets a value that's darn close to 10, then he could say that it was derived through experimentation. I tell you, I'm thinking about billing his company for being their mathematical consultant.

But enough about me! Let's talk about...Trivial Pursuit! I tell you, I love that game. I kick ass at that game. And sadly, I have no one to play with me. But, I saw advertised on TV last night, the latest version of Trivial Pursuit, and I must have it! It's the new "Pop Culture DVD Edition." The questions are all about pop culture, but here's the new twist. The questions you must answer in order to win a wedge are on DVD. When it's time to answer the wedge-winning question, you hit play on the DVD, a video clip comes on with a narrator asking the question, and if you answer correctly, you win the wedge! Is that cool or what? But for now, I'll just settle for someone to play my Star Wars Trivial Pursuit with me.

And I had a very wonderful dream last night. I dreamt that, thanks to the whole 80s nostalgia thing, Visionaries had made a comeback and ToyFare was offering an exclusive Visionaries figure. It was a very good dream....

Next Issue...You Are Cordially Invited!

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