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Sunday, October 19, 2003

It's that time of the week, folks! The latest column's up! This week's entry is I Really Shouldn't. Here's a sample:

"My office sits on the fifth floor. There is a fire escape out back. I often go out on the fire escape to eat lunch and enjoy nice weather. Today, I stand on the fire escape. I look at the parking lot five stories down. The sky is overcast, but it's warm. There is no wind. The parking lot down below is a darker shade of grey, and strangely inviting. I hang over the edge of the fire escape, taking in the scene. There is only one thought in my head: "I really shouldn't." But I'm going to. "

As always,
Click here to read it all!

Now, I must go back to studying. Midterm tomorrow. I think I've still got it, babe!

Next issue...The Power of Sybok!

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