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Sunday, October 12, 2003

So, I was reading in the paper about this series that the Canadian business show Venture is doing entitled "Back to the Floor." In it, they take the CEOs of some of Canada's largest companies and, for one day, put them in the lowest job of the company. In tonight's premiere installment, the CEO and President of La Senza - Canada's largest chain of lingere stores - spends a day as a salesman in one of his stores and a day running a forklift in a warehouse. Apparently, it takes him 8 minutes to figure out the cash register. Now, I tend to avoid business news shows, but this might be something worth tuning in for.

It reminds me of what Michael Moore once did on his show TV Nation. On one episode, he hosted the "Corporate CEO Challenge." As Moore explained, he was inspired to try this when he was footage of the CEO of a Japanese car maker go down to the factory floor and help out in making cars. So, Moore thought, "Would American CEOs do the same?" This led Moore to go around to several US companies and challenge thier CEOs of they could use and/or manufacture their products. He challenged the CEO of IBM to format a floppy disc. He challenged the CEO of Phillip Morris Tobacco to roll a cigarette. The only one who took him up on his challenge was the CEO of Ford Motors, whom Moore got to change the oil in a Ford Explorer. I loved TV Nation. I watched its first season religiously in the summer of 1994, and it's what brought Michael Moore to my attention. Never got to watch the second and third seasons, as it moved to the Fox Network and we weren't getting Fox in Canada yet.

I'm still sad that Trouble's gone. She's spending her first weekend in China right now. Despite my asking, she never came out to Entwistle. I never got to take her on the "walking tour" of the town. This has become a tradition for me. Last time Mr. Anderson was here, I took him on the walking tour of Entwistle. When Streiff came up to see me before I left for Japan, I took him on the walking tour of Entwistle. I now extend this open invitation to all readers! If you ever come to Entwistle, let me take you on the walking tour! You've never experience a white trash trailer town until you've seen it through my eyes.

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