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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

As I've probably told all of you, Kevin Smith's next film will be his first action film, the long-awaited big screen version of The Green Hornet. I read this interview with him this morning about doing an action film:

I hired a great A.D. (Assistant Director) and a great 2nd A.D. because the 2nd unit apparently is really important on these movies. It was a big secret. They were like "kevin, you won't direct everything. You'll have a second unit director who will do a lot of the big action stuff." I said "Get the fuck out of here! Does anyone know about this? Is this legit?" They're like "Totally!" I was like {"Bryan Singer did that on the 'X-Men 2' movie?" They were like "Bryan Singer barely shot that movie." Who knows if they were lying or not but I was like "Get out of here! Really?" Because that, to me, means I can spend a lot more time at home. Somebody's off making a movie and I get credit for it later. So I surround myself with people who really know how to pull that shit off. We'll get a great effects house to do CG stuff. We'll have a pretty cool movie.

I'm just hired as the guy who makes sure that the movie's interesting when there's not shit going on. When there's not an action sequence. Often times in these flicks you wind up with characters who aren't nearly as interesting as the villains. Or characters who are interesting when they're in costume. It'll be nice to actually give it a shot and try to make a flick where you care more about the dude before he's in costume than when he's in costume. Which is kind of like "Spider-Man" to me. I liked Spider-Man up until the point where he put on his suit and I was like "Fuck this!" Just give me more Peter Parker.

Check out the whole interview at Hero Realm:
Right here.

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