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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Morning Movie News!

The Chronicles of Narnia - Disney has just signed on to be the worldwide distributor and co-financer of C.S. Lewis's classic series of fantasy novels. Andrew Adamson, director of the Shrek films, has already been writing and preparing to direct, and New Zealand's WETA Workshop, the FX wizards behind The Lord of the Rings are doing the effects.

Toy Story 3 - Speaking of da mouse, now that Pixar's off their back and they still own the sequel rights to the Toy Story films, Disney has begun brainstorming ideas for a Toy Story 3. This is doomed to failure without Pixar.

A Princess of Mars - This will be the next for Robert Rodreiguiz after Sin City. This is another series of fantasy novels that Hollywood has also tried to make for some time. Princess is the first in a series of novels about John Carter, an old-west gunslinger who is magically transported to Mars, and finds the Red Planet to be a bizzare fantasy world full of mythical beasts, magical princess and the like. Of course, in order to survive here, Carter becomes a Conan-type warrior and, thanks to the lower gravity on Mars, he can jump around like Spider-Man. The John Carter books were written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, who is, of course, more famous for creating Tarzan.

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