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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Well, I mentioned in an assignment that I'm starting to use this to store my show prep notes, so I'd better add something other than Pokemon rants lest my instructors surf by:

- Now this I find interesting. As I've reported earlier, McDonald's has begun phasing out the supersize. But, here in Canada, we never had a true supersize. In the US, "large" and "supersize" were 2 seperate sizes. But here in Canada, we've always had three sizes: small, medium, and supersize. So, here in Canada, the phasing out of the supersize has consisted of simply changing the name of "supersize" back to "large."

- My personal rant: I've always had this brillian idea, and I think it's time to implement it. Fast food restaurants always said, "You can supersize that for 39 cents extra!" and they'd boost the size of your fries and drink from regular to supersize (or, here in Canada, large). Well, if people are more health conscious, why don't the clerks say, "You can downsize that for 39 cents less!" and then your fries and drink would be bumped down to small.

- Speaking of bumping things down to small, as part of this smaller portions trend, Pepsi has just introduced the 237 mL can. That's 2/3 the size of a regular pop can. People are already complaining that this "Baby Pepsi" is too small.

- Starbucks has just opened several stores with the ability to sell the muzak they play on custom-made CDs. A 5-song CD will cost $6.99, with extra songs for 99 cents each. Right now, you buy the CDs on a per-track basis, but complete albums will be sold in the future. Starbucks says they're doing this because so many people have asked about the music they play in their stores. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Starbucks is evil.

- And, in news that doesn't have to do with conveinence food, Liberal MP Pat O'Brian is about to table a private members bill calling for the formation of a holiday sometime between New Years and Easter, to help people get through the midwinter blues. Although his bill calls for the day off to be chosen in a nationwide poll, O'Brian's personal choice is St. Patrick's Day. O'Brian does have strong Irish roots, and as he indicates, Ireland is one of the founding nations recognized in Canada's coat of arms. Some interesting notes: St. Patrick's Day is already a stat holiday in Newfoundland & Labradour, where 60% of the population is Irish. And, of course, here in Alberta we already have our midwinter holiday: Family Day.

I have more, but I'll write it when I get to school

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