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Thursday, March 25, 2004

So, um, it's Thursday, and that's when the Nugget, NAIT's newspaper, comes out. As you may recall, I submitted this week's article, The Loser's Point of View, for publication. And, lo and behold, it was published. Reaction was, well, quite mixed.

Here. I'd like to quote the editor of the Nugget who took in this little dig at me at the end:

"Editor's note: Mark, you're writing style is pretty good, I love it in fact. But in person, you creep me out. You're kind of a Bob Layton meets Forrest Gump kind of guy. I mean in that in a good way...sort of. Thank you NAIT for not voting for Mark Cappis."

And, reaction among my classmates has been highly negative. Some say that's it's not the professional thing to do, ripping on politicians and giving them no opportunity to reply. My response to them? It's political satire. It's no different that Rick Mercer ripping on Paul Martin.

Others say that I took some unfair swipes at my own. I do rip on them a bit over there somewhat...weak coverage of the election. And again, I really don't care. Yeah, it was weak. But it's not like they had the opportunity to do any meaningful coverage anyway. IT ONLY LASTED A WEEK! I don't know. I guess it's OK for me to rip on them on our little station, but when I do it in the paper, it's murder! How dare I do it in a medium that people actually follow!


I ran into a couple of the NAITSA VPs, and they personally loved it. They think it was pretty good. One of them also worked for the paper, and they've warned me that quite a few venemous responses have already been sent in. I'm ready for it. After the couple of weeks I've been through, I'm ready.

"You're kind of a Bob Layton meets Forrest Gump kind of guy." That's going on the dust jacket of my first book!

Next Issue...The Most Hated Man at NAIT...for the next 2 days.

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