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Friday, March 19, 2004

The morning's movie news:

The Green Hornet - Kevin Smith revealed that, for his movie version of "The Green Hornet," he will be creating a new villain. This is because, on the original radio show and TV show, the Green Hornet fought little more than 2-bit con men and gyp artists. And, in the breif and little-read comics, there's really no one memorable.

Sin City - Robert Rodreiguiz has quit the Director's Guild of America over this film! Why? Well, Rodreiguiz wanted to have "Sin City" creator Frank Miller as a co-director. The DGA has a firm policy of "one director per film," unless they grant a special waiver. The DGA refused to grant a special waver for Miller, so Rodreiguiz quit the guild. Rumor has it now that Rodreiguiz is considering bringing on his friend Quentin Tarintino as a third co-director.

Some news about TV:

CSI: New York - A few character descriptions about the new CSI show. The chief of New York's CSI, named Calucci, is going to be a lot more rough and tumble than his counterparts, Grissom and Caine. One scene in the pilot has Calucci doing the ol' cop show standard of chasing a suspect across rooftops and leaping from building to building.

Insane rant about TV:

All sitcoms suck. I am reminded of this every time my mother makes me watch the Reba McIntyre Show. I was actually reading a few days ago about how TV analysists figure that the sitcom is dying. The last "big thing" in sitcoms was when Friends made it's debut 10 years ago. Since then, every "next big thing" has died a quick and painful death. (Quick for them, painful for us.)

For a while, it looked like the sitcom was going to be replaced by "the filmed comedy." This is a half-hour comedy that uses the filming and storytelling techniques more common to a one-hour drama. The pioneer of this style was Malcolm in the Middle, and every one that came since has also died a quick and painful death.

So, yeah. Sitcoms suck.

Next Issue...Sitcoms still suck

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