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Monday, March 01, 2004

So, my parents are taking off on Wednesday night, and I'm going to be home alone until Saturday morning. Naturally, I'm scanning the pay-per-view menu for the rest of the week seeing if there's anything worth ordering. I've narrowed it down to either Once Upon a Time in Mexico or All Asian Girls part 7. Oh, decisions, decisions.

Maybe I'll just finally get Pokemon 5 on DVD and watch that instead.

As is my Monday night routine, I watched CSI: Miami. I just love the way David Caruso talks. It's similar to William Shatner, but not on the syllable by syllable. See, Caruso talks very...very...slowly...like...he's...having trouble...finding the words and then it starts going really really fast likehe'sfiguredouteverythinghewantstosayandithastocomeoutNOWNOWNOW. And then...back to...slow. It's great!

Another thing I'm finding interesting right now are the reviews of Star Trek: Voyager - Season One. (Came out on DVD last week.) For a lot of the Trekkie reviewers, it's their first time seeing the first season of VOY since it first premiered. And the consensus tends to be: "OH MY GOD! Voyager was actually GOOD in its first season! It had so much potentail! What went wrong?" So, some are now looking forward to the upcoming releases just so they can start looking for the exact spot that VOY started to completely fall apart.

And I got my first grade for my radio announcing. 65%. Still making far too many rookie mistakes. I'm sounding conversational, though, which is one of the really tricky things.

Class average was 70%. Wow. So this is what it's like to be below average. It sucks.

Next Issue...Freak Off!

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