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Monday, March 22, 2004

My life is gripped in melancholy. I've lost my love for radio.

I drown my sorrows in my new addication. NAIT's cafeteria now makes sushi trays. Granted, it's not god sushi, but it reminds me of a far off place.

Oh, and Mr. Anderson had to send me the news. It's official. Now that Robert Rodriguiz has quit the director's guild, Quentin Tarintino has joined Sin City as a third co-director.

And some DVD news. On June 1, we will be getting not one, but two new DVD versions of Spider-Man. The "Deluxe Edition" looks to be nothing more than a re-package of the 2-disc special edition out now. The "Superbit" edition follows the trend of all Superbit DVDs: the disc is completely devoid of bonus features, and the extra disc space is used to max out the picture and sound quality.

But, bucking the trend, there will be one bonus feature on the "Superbit" DVD: a running commentary with star Tobey Maguire.

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