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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Chaos in a Box.com: Going swimmingly!

Wow, have I been a busy guy today!

In case you didn't get the e-mail last night, I finally bought some nice and proper server space for my website. Chaos in a Box is now add-free, and I've got more room than I ever needed!

Of course, with moving onto the new server, I've got to update all the links and stuff. And today, here's what I accomplished:

Chaos in Print - All the archives have been update with the new links, so everything's still readable. Pretty much every column survived intact, so it looks like I won't have to re-code all 350!

The Obligatroy Link Page - I noticed that pretty much every link was dead. So, I made a new link page from scratch.

The Picture Gallery - Fixed and updated, so everything's looking OK.

The Old Stuff Gallery - Fixed and updated, so all the links work.

There's about only one thing left I want to do now. As I'm doing this, I've noticed that I've got a lot of crap clogging up my server space. Remember back in 1998, when I ran a page dedicated to compiling news on Star Trek: Insurrection? Well, it was still there, just taking up space. Remember the summer of 1999, when I had a page dedicated to Crystal Pepsi? It was still there. And why the hell do I still need all those pictures of Extra Foods? And a movie review of Mulan?

So, I'm going to do some mass cleaning out. I still divide my life pretty much into two halves: "Before Japan" and "After Japan." Everything BJ can pretty much go.

Actually, I'm in a unique opportunity. This, I think, will be the easiest way to clean out my website. Right now, in order to facilitate the move, I downloaded my entire website to my hard drive. Granted, I've always had my whole website on my hard drive, but for the first time ever, I've got it all laid out in directories just like it appears on the server.

So, what I'm going to do is go through the website on my hard drive, toss everything that needs to be tossed, and get it all looking like it should. And then, I delete my entire website, and upload the leaner, cleaner version.

That's the plan for tomorrow!

Oh, and hey, wanna do me a favour? E-mail me at my brand new @chaosinabox.com address so I can see it work!

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