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Friday, March 31, 2006

What? A Teaser for the Simpsons Movie?

OK, so we've known for sometime now that Matt Groening and his crew are finally working on a big-screen version of The Simpsons. Hey, with every crappy Disney toon getting a movie version, all those die-hard Simpsons fans kept going, "When's it gonna be our turn?" The project is still pretty hush-hush, and all we know is it's finally going to be in theatres before the end of the decade.

And now, Ice Age 2 hits theatres today, and reports are starting to come in that, in front of Ice Age 2, is the very first teaser for The Simpsons: The Movie.

Actually, there are two different teasers, if the reports are to be believed. The first one is a spoof of Bryan Singer's Superman Returns teaser, doing nothing but showing iconic Simpsons images. The other is simply Homer sleeping on the couch. Each one is 30 seconds long, and each one gives a release date of July 27, 2007.

Now, I'm not telling you to run out and go see Ice Age 2 this weekend, just to see this teaser. Reports are sporadic, meaning that the teaser was probably just randomly sent out on half of all copies of Ice Age 2. So just sit back and wait. More as it develops.

And speaking of Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, today it was also announced that Superman will be in IMAX...in 3D.

Releasing big blockbusters in regular theatres as well as IMAX is becoming commonplace. But, this is the first time that a film has also been re-formatted for IMAX 3D. Now, the whole film will not be in 3D, just 4 key action sequences, ammounting to about 20 minutes of the film's running time. There'll be a little icon that pops up in the corner of the screen telling you it's time to put on your 3D goggles.

But still, this just may be the future!

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