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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

DVD Day!

I love Tuesdays! New DVDs unleashed upon the store shelves! And, if you're a lover of DC Comics animation like me, then there's only two releases today that have caught your interest:

Batman Beyond: The Complete First Season - As has been written many times, given this show's shady origin (the toy companies demanded a new Bat-toon so they could sell more product), it's amazing it was actually good. 50 years in the future, teen Terry McGuiness becomes heir to the Bat-mantle, and is trained by the 80-year old Bruce Wayne. You get all 13 episodes from the show's first season, plus interviews with the show's creators, running commentary on select episodes, and even an isolated music track! (I own the soundtrack album...the creators were actually quite proud of the techno/trance/industrial/goth metal fusion music they created for the score.)

Justice League: Season One - The smash hit cartoon, reuniting all your favourite DC heroes! You get all 26 episodes from season one (actually, 13 one-hour episodes, but they were forced by the Cartoon Network to cut each one into a 2-parter). There's also running commentaries on select episodes, interviews with the show's creators and voice cast, storyboards, and even the very early test animation that the creators made to help sell the show.

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