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Friday, March 17, 2006

Size DOES Matter

In a statement that has come back to haunt him many times, Bill Gates remarked in the late-1980s that "640k ought to be enough for anyone."

When my parents bought a new computer in 1997, my brother sat staring at the monitor in amazement. He was amazed by the wallpaper. "The picture file is 256k in size," he told me. "Our very first computer (1988 or so) had 256k of RAM. Just think! It would take every ounce of computer power on our very first computer to show this picture."

I just had a moment like that.

I finally finished the gigantic cleaning-out of my website. Despite all my bluster, all I really did was free up 3M. My whole website is 17M in size.

Just think! The main reason why I bought my server space was so I could post audio files that are BIGGER than my whole website!

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