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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lovely Foolish Purchase

Ugh. Now I know why my old production instructor always limited us to a max of 3 hours in a production studio. Any longer, and you go batty. I spent far too much time this evening playing around. I tell ya, music editing is the bane of my existence. I get obsessed with creating the perfect cut. Counfound it, though, I love it so.

Anyway, I was surfing the old 'net tonight, I made a truly self-indulgent purchase. Now, you may think that this past month had been filled with them: my microphone, my server space, but those I can write off as having been needed. Tonight, I bought something silly and fun.

Batman: Scarecrow Tales

Batman: Scarecrow Tales is a graphic novel that compiles the best "Batman vs. Scarecrow" stories ever written for the comics. Think of it as Scarecrow's Greatest Hits. It came out back in the summer, to tie in with Dr. Johnathan Crane's appearance in Batman Begins.

I've leafed through it several times at the bookstore. You get Scarecrow's very first appearance from way back in 1941, all the way to the present day. It also kind of serves as a great chronicle of how comic book art has changed over the decades. I decided to buy it online because, even after shipping and handling, Amazon.ca still had it cheaper than Chapters.

So, yeah. That'll be here in about a week.

And now, back to scouring the Internet for "Always with Me," the song from the classic Japanese animated film Spirited Away. All that music editing was for something big and crazy, and "Always with Me" is the final piece to the puzzle.

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