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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Last Night's SNL

I did this once before, and I'm doing it again! To bolster my failing memory, I'm going to do a blow-by-blot summary of Saturday Night Live!

Guest host: Natalie Portman!

Sketch 1: George W. Bush summing up his latest trip of the middle east, and complaining about the critisism of his administration.

Opening monologue: Here come the Star Wars jokes! Ms. Portman gets flooded with continuity questions, and, lo and behold, she out-nerds the nerds! And when Star Wars runs out..."You shaved your head recently? Oh, it was for a movie role. Well, no, I thought it was because you had lice. Guess I owe my daughter an apology."

Fake commercial: Toupees for babies. Unusual, but pretty funny.

Sketch 2: Natalie Portman's an overly-hyper clerk at a Booster Juice-style place. No wonder I don't frequent those places.

Sketch 3: Larry King discusses people who have had sex-change operations. Natalie Portman is a woman getting ready for the surgery to become a man. Ye gods, she does look like a boy! Larry asks incredibly stupid questions. Not bad.

Sketch 4: "The Needlers: The Couple that Should be Divorced." Natalie Portman is their fertility doctor. This usually delivers.

Robert Smigel Cartoon!: Token Power: the first cartoon made up completely of token black characters from cartoons. Franklin (Charlie Brown), Valerie (Josie and the Pussycats), and Winston (Ghostbusters). And this leads to a montage of fake cartoons starring black characters.

Sketch 5: Ah, this again. A weird, Euro-trash married couple. Natalie Portman is their daughter, brining her new boyfriend home. It's almost like it's a descendent of Mike Myers' "Sprockets."

Weekend Update: I love it!

Wakefield AV Club: Ehh, it's OK. It's past Weekend Update, so it's all downhill.

SNL Digital Short: A Day in the Life of Natalie Portman. Holy moly, she's Eminem! Hilarious!

Another fake commercial: Oh, it's the smoke detector/greatest hits of the 80s one again.

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