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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I got it! I got it! I got it!

Went over to HMV in Kingsway Garden Mall and got the copy of The Iron Giant: Special Edition! In your face, Future Shop! Here's all the details, straight from the back of the box:

- all-new digital transfer of the film
- Running commentary with writer/director Brad Bird, Head of Animation Tony Fucile, Story Head Jeff Lynch, and Steven Markowski, the lead animator on the Giant
- 8 cut scenes, including an alternate opening and the long-rumoured "Giant's Dream Sequence."
- 13 branching featurettes about the film, covering music, character design, storyboards, and animation
- Writer/director Brad Bird and consultant Teddy Newton pick apart two key "character moments."
- The Voice of the Giant: an all new interview with Vin Diesel, who did the voice of the Giant.
- the trailers
- art galleries
- and more!

Much better than the original DVD.

Next Issue...I want to watch this NOW!!

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