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Thursday, November 18, 2004

I'd really like to go home right now and watch some more Iron Giant. I watched a couple of the cut scenes last night. Oh, curse Warner Brothers animation! Brad Bird does an intro to all the cut scenes, and each one starts the same: "I really wanted to have this scene in the movie, but we ran out of money and we couldn't afford to get it animated."

First one I watched was the long-rumoured "Giant's Dream Sequence." It was very surreal. 50s sci-fi crossed with The Animatrix. It originally took place after Hogarth and the Giant's "souls don't die" conversation. The Giant goes to sleep and has a dream. A quirk in his programming allows Dean to watch the Giant's dream on TV. And that's how we, the audience, see it. We see an alien city, an army of Iron Giants marching through it all Nazi-ish, the Giant catches a glimpse of his shadow, and it's the "war machine" Giant we see at the end of the film. Then, we go out into space, where we see the planet that this is happening on. And the planet blows up, jolting the Giant awake.

Very cool.

Next Issue...Pizza Man!

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