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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Show prep show prep:

The always fierce competition among comics to land a gig on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" is set to become the basis of a reality series for the network.

Sources said NBC is working on a reality-competition series fronted by "SNL" creator/executive producer Lorne Michaels. The project would chronicle a group of comedians vying for a grand prize that is believed to be a role on the long-running sketch comedy series.

Michaels is expected to play a Donald Trump-like role, winnowing the pool of contestants until a victor is selected. Sources indicated that the project is eyed for a possible summer launch. NBC declined comment.

Michaels got his taste of getting tough on reality series contestants in a "SNL" parody skit of NBC's reality hit "The Apprentice" last season, in which he took over Trump's role and "fired" cast member Jimmy Fallon (news). NBC already has a track record in turning talent searches into a successful reality series with "Last Comic Standing."

Shrek 2 comes out on DVD tomorrow. In a very rare move, the DVD comes out on a Friday. (DVDs always come out on Tuesday) For bonus materials, you've got a running commentary, technical goofs, all kinds of featurettes on the film, and over 20 games.
Wow! A new Quantum Leap series:

A couple of rumours have begun floating around in regards to the storyline of the proposed "Quantum Leap" reinvention currently in development and two sources have propped in with what they've heard:

"Starting sometime in January, Don Bellasario is making the new "Quantum Leap" movie currently using the working sub-title "A Bold Leap Forward". It's tipped to start out as a two-hour TV movie with a series to follow pending the movie's results.

The two hour feature is rumoured to have Dean Stockwell (Al) looking for Sam whose leaps they can no longer track. Al finds him but loses him again, so he gets Sam's daughter to go looking for him. Scott Bakula is tipped to randomly appear throughout the series starting with the movie".

Soon after that, another source said it has been confirmed by Trey Callway that Sam's daughter Sammy Jo will be used in the movie. She will be in her late 30's leaping to find Sam with Al as her guide after finding out that Sam is her father. Sam will be 50 and his daughter will be in her late 30's, and yes it will still have time travel in it as before.
"The Incredibles" comes out tomorrow. The newest from Brad Bird aka God's gift to animation. Some cool trivia bits: It's Pixar's first PG, and, at 115 minutes, it's the longest CGI movie made to date.

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