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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Some miscellaneous movie tidbits before I get to work:

- The world is ending! Baywatch: the Movie is now in development! DreamWorks just bought the movie rights, and they're aiming it for summer 2006.

- As the search continues for a new James Bond, they're beginning to get the behind-the-scenes crew ready for the next movie. Martin Campbell, who directed GoldenEye, is in talks to come back for Bond 21. Campbell also did The Mark of Zorro, and he's currently working on Zorro 2.

- I had a hunch this was going to happen. Michael Moore just revealed that he's planning a sequel to Fahrenheight 9/11. With the working title Fahrenheight 9/11½, Moore hopes to have it ready for the Americans' 2008 election. Moore has also begun work on his next film, Sicko, which takes a look at the American health care system.

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