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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

If there's one class that's done great at destroying my drive to write, it's writing class.

That class has become such a waste. For a writing class, we spend so little time writing. Last semester, we'd spend a whole 3-hour class writing. Now, we spend an hour writing and 2 hours of nothing.

Don't get me wrong. On paper, it's a great concept. How it's supposed to go is one hour writing, an hour of peer review, and an hour of rewrites. The reality is an hour of writing, an hour and a half of waiting my turn, 5 minutes of peer review, and 10 minutes of rewriting.

And today was the absolute worst. Writing humourous spots. After the hour and a half of waiting my turn, mine was ripped apart. And then, a "good" humourous spot was presented: one that promoted the benefits of NR92 by ripping apart it's "crappy" shows; mainly mine.

And I'm still baffled at how the brats who skip every second class and spend only 5 minutes on their scripts so they can get out early seem to have pulled ahead of the pack and manage to get lauded by the instructor for every piece of crap they write. Unlike someone like me, who is really the only one who's expressed any kind of desire in making a career out of writing and actually *works* on his scripts, only to have them get ripped apart.

I don't know. At the start of this year, my instructor asked me if it was possible for me to write anything normal, so I've spent the whole semester to date trying to dial back my creativity. And now, I see the brats getting away with everything I was asked *not* to do.

When class was done today, I just wanted to get as far away from that fucking school as I could.

And that's why today's show was canceled.

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