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Sunday, October 30, 2005

DAMN IT!! What happened to you, Angelfire? Why can I not log in? Why is my website suddenly an "Error 403: Forbidden?"

I wonder if this is it..."the end." I've been fearing this for some time, now. I've been using Angelfire as my server ever since that cold, November night in 1997 when my best friend and I were hanging out one night, and he told me about this one website he found that let you have a FREE website!

I signed up for my free website, and Chaos In A Box.com was born. Back in those days, Angelfire only gave you 200k of free server space. Now, they give you 20M.

But still, it was free. And using something for free for 8 years is quite remarkable. But now...if it is gone for good, I guess I have to rebuild.

I've got most of the original webpages still here on my hard drive. Maybe now I should buy decent server space, and upgrade to some kind of php formatting that my best friend has been trying to sell me on.

I've been wanting to buy decent server space for years, but I've been worrying about the price. My best friend boasts of paying only $17.95 per year for his, and that sounds good, but while I've got no job, I can't help but wonder if I'll have an extra $17.95 NEXT year, ya know?

Hopefully, I'm just panicking. Hopefully, my part of Angelfire is just down for maintenance right now.

But man, if I've got to rebuild....

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