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Thursday, October 20, 2005

I have to get my "geeking out" under control.

I had a job interview in Edmonton today, and on my way out of the city, I had to stop buy Toys R Us. This is just a great time of year to be an action figure collector and/or a kid. The toy stores are starting to put all the new stuff on the shelves for Christmas, plus re-stock on what's been the favourites all summer. So, finally, a lot of stores are starting to get those Revenge of the Sith action figures I've been reading about.

So, there I was, and I saw staring me in the face one of those Episode III action figures I thought they'd never make:

The charred remains of Anakin Skywalker. Complete with removable limbs.

Yes, they actually made this version of Anakin into an action figure, so you can re-create that scene where he's lying next to the lava river, burning to death, cussing out Obi-Wan and awaiting rescue from Palpatine.

It's actually a 2-pack. Also in there is a "pre-charred" Anakin, looking just as he did before he tried to reach higher ground.

So, of course, I geeked out and bought him.

I got home and managed to catch The Real Ghostbusters on TeleToon. These scant two weeks before Halloween is the only time of the year that TeleToon shows it. Despite my love of this toon, it was actually the first time in about 14 years that I'd seen an episode. It was a lot darker than I remembered. In this particular episode, a C'thulu-worshipping cult managed to get their hands on the Necronomicon and sought to awaken C'thulu. Of course, they did, and it was the Ghostbusters vs. C'thulu. Very dark.

But I still love it so.

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