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Monday, October 03, 2005


Unemployment is not the best time to suddenly develop a mysterious toothache. I fear I dislodged a filling with my dental floss. The floss snagged on the filling...I pulled the floss...a dull throbbing ever since.

Oh, well. In preperation for my big day on Sonic 102.9 on Monday morning, I had a chat with my old NAIT news instructor today. Glad to know her faith in me hasn't wavered. She always though I was rather well-suited for news. In the beginning of the program, she gently nudged me towards news...near the end, she was getting close to shoving me towards news. No matter, though. She's on maternity leave right now and so busy with her new kid that she hadn't heard of Sonic's contest. She thinks it's an interesting idea and she thinks I'm a shoe-in.

Will I be? Tune in on Wednesday morning to find out!

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