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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wow! It's the day for top 100 lists.

As I was flipping through the channels tonight, I came across a CBC documentary called The Alberta 100. In honour of Alberta's centennial, this show counted down the top 100 Albertans. And, since I've been all about the centennial kitsch, I tuned in.

As with the geek moments, I'll just recount the top 10 for you:

10) Ian Tyson, Alberta singer and songwriter.
9) Father Albert Lacombe, frontier missionary
8) W.O. Mitchell, author
7) Vern "Dry Hole" Hunter, the man who struck oil in Leduc.
6) Grant MacEwan, author and politician
5) Col. James MacLeod, NWMP Commisioner
4) Norm Kwong, our current Lieutenant Governor and the first Asian to play in the CFL.
3) Crowfoot, Sisika chief
2) Ernest Manning, Alberta's longest serving premier (1943-1968)
1) Lois Hole, Lieutenant Governor, entrepreneur, activist, and author

Some other notables from down on the list:

93) Todd McFarlane, Comic Book Artist
77) Leslie Nielsen, Actor
71) Stu Hart, Wrestling Promoter
56) Kurt Browning
52) Douglas Cardinal, world-renouned architect (my mother loathes him)
37) Ralph Klein
19) Wilf Carter
17) Emily Murphy (all five of the Famous Five made the list; Murphy is the highest-ranking)
12) Peter Lougheed

You can check out the complete list at The Alberta 100.com

Oh, and I thought you'd like to know, the big movie of the holiday season, Peter Jackson's King Kong, clocks in at 3 hours exactly. Jackson originally promised Universal Studios that the filmw ould only be 2.5 h, but when the Universal executives saw Jackson's final cut, they agreed that it needed to be 3 hours long.

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